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Strife Onizuka blindwanderer at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 20:04:20 PDT 2007

I love you Josh ^_^
This has been one of my long standing gripes about the build tools.
The precision flaws in the build tools have been driving me nuts for years
(it's on of the big reasons I've had nasty things to say about LL). But if
thats in the past, then things are good ^_^

On 4/16/07, Joshua Bell <josh at lindenlab.com> wrote:
> Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> >
> > Are the comments accurate, because they imply the actual resolution
> > has not been improved and U8 is plenty big enough to hold 0..1 in
> > steps of 0.01.
> The comments were incorrect before, and the developer didn't update
> them. There's a lot of inconsistent conversion from U8/U16 to F32, so
> it's hard to... um... quantize the quanta.
> Quoting the developer:
>         to minimize trouble, i followed the existing adhoc techniques,
>         but upped the precision.
>         specifically: path begin, path end, profile begin, profile end,
>         and hollow have all be raised to U16 (and the conversion
>         mechanisms take advantage of that added precision.)  not all of
>         this precision has been exposed to the gui (nor would we want
>         to, i think.)  but the visible precision is now maintained (it
>         wasn't in the past) and any precision set via LSL calls is
>         maintained.
>         also - the texture scaling parameters (repeat) have been raised
>         from U16 to F32.
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