[sldev] Results from Friday bug triage - next one planned for Monday, 3pm

Alissa Sabre alissa_sabre at yahoo.co.jp
Mon Apr 16 06:47:39 PDT 2007


> Note:  "Resolved" means that the next action is on the Reporter, rather
> than on the Assignee.  It's not the same as "Closed", which means that
> the issue no longer requires action from anyone.

I didn't know that.

I have reported some issues on JIRA, and I have recognized that some
of them has already been fixed appropriately.  So, as a Reporter, I
tried to change the status of them to "Closed", but I couldn't...

For example, I filed VWR-109, and I know it is fixed in  I
logged in to JIRA, used Find to show the issue.  The "Available
Workflow Action" area on the middle of left column only shows "Reopen
Issues" for me.  "Edit" on "Operations" allowed me to edit the
contents or to add a comment, but status was not editable.

I read the "Issue tracker" page on wiki, but I didn't find any clue.

How I can close an issue?

# Should I submit it as an issue on JIRA?

    Alissa Sabre
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