[sldev] No CAPS == Black Hole Sim

John Hurliman jhurliman at wsu.edu
Wed Apr 11 23:01:43 PDT 2007

Speaking of point of no return, I just found something entertaining. 
Right now if you login starting in Ahern, the seed_capability login 
value is an empty value, and if you teleport there the SeedCapability 
field is also empty. The simulator is running like nothing is wrong but 
there is no capabilities URL for it, so things should fall back to the 
old UDP messaging system right? Nope... there is no fallback, so if you 
go to Ahern right now you can't teleport out. Crossing sim borders is 
also a capability now, so you have no way of leaving the simulator once 
you are there! Try it out.

Since you currently need CAPS to cross in to new regions and teleport 
elsewhere (not to mention all the new client-side CAPS calls like 
updating your inventory), shouldn't the simulator just drop off the grid 
if it has no CAPS server?

John Hurliman

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