[sldev] UMA Grid - Offline for a bit

Callum Lerwick seg at haxxed.com
Sat Apr 7 17:08:32 PDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-06 at 16:56 -0400, Jesse Nesbitt wrote:
> Question: Does anyone here use Uma? Since source drops have been up to
> date with releases, most clients can be tested on the main grid

I'm not made of money nor is my wife. Test grids in general are great
for testing texture upload (OpenJPEG on x86_64 still has problems...)
and textures themselves. My wife uses the test grids to test avatar
textures. It tends to be hit or miss as to which test grid you can
connect to with which client.

You should get a refund on your "upload tax" if you later delete the
last copy. ;P
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