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Kamilion kamilion at
Wed Apr 4 15:53:07 PDT 2007

As I've mentioned before, I run, which are/were
primarily forums only...
A day or two ago, I just dropped all the dbs from mysql and rebuilt
the forums with SMF.
Should anyone actually want to use these forums, just drop me a line
and I can set up a forum and delegate one or more people as admins. I
should note, these forums are already up and running, and I'd just
need 30 seconds to add the proper categories and boards.

Also, if anyone would give me a hand, I'd be more than willing to also
add links to other forums and sites and turn the whole site in to a
non-ll controlled SLdev discussion & collaboration portal. I can also
handle giving out subdomains for projects and such.

If anyone's interested, just gimme a hollar.

(Also, I'm not the type to ban folks unless they're spamming or
seriously trolling the hell out of the forums with hundreds of posts,
and only one specific person comes to mind in that case, and she's
banned just about everywhere else... I don't ban people because I
don't like/agree with them, only if they cause real problems.)

On 4/4/07, Peekay Semyorka <peekay at> wrote:
> "Rob Lanphier" <robla at>
> > Other than as a place for spillover of overheated discussions (which may
> > be reason enough), is there any other reason to have a forum distinct
> > from the mailing list?  If so, what would the scope of the new forum?
> One issue is we quickly hit the "> 5 post, please use Wiki" limit
> for just about any topic worth discussing. In fact this thread
> should already go to the wiki. :-)
> > I'm happy to request a new forum at
> > if there's a good reason to have it.
> For me that would be great.  I personally prefer a forum rather than
> an email list.  Others have different preferences, obviously.
> The only other problem with is not everyone can
> participate there.

Yeah, recent residents don't have forum access anymore, it seems.

> -peekay
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(sorry, first message went to peekay direct, I still gotta learn to
nail that Reply to All button in gmail, heh!)

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