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Rob Lanphier robla at lindenlab.com
Mon Apr 2 21:26:27 PDT 2007

Thanks for proposing this Laurent.  This is a fantastic way of thinking
about participating, and making it clear that it's not just 1337 coders
who can carve out a leadership position in the community.


On 4/2/07 7:22 PM, Laurent Laborde wrote:
> Hello !
> I was talking with rob in his SL office and i came with an idea :
> Setting up workgroups of people to work on a specific tasks needed for
> the SLDev Project.
> A lot of small but usefull tasks are left undone.
> Mostly because people do not know it's needed, or because they focus
> or some more glorious tasks like optimisation, debugging, patching,
> ...  But behind thoses hard tasks requiring expertise and experimented
> coders, there is a lot of small tasks to be done and they do not need
> a lot of expertise.
> Here is a few samples of the tasks that could be done by some
> workgroups :
> Jira reviewing :
> ---------------------
> * closing/merging duplicated bug report.
> * Trying to reproduce a bug and comment the report accordingly
> * When possible, complete an incomplete bug report
> * Creating a "Bug review bulletin" (weekly ? montly ?) to help the
> developpers and user to find/view the current "hot" bug, reporting
> fixed bug, ...
> * Helping the developpers to focus on the most important bug.
> Wiki l33t
> -------------
> * Reworking some page according to the SL wiki guideline
> * Indexing page with similar topic.
> * Adding Wiki Link when possible
> * looking for orphaned page
> * Commenting wikipage with tags (like wikipedia)
> * Review the "Talk Page" and editing the "Article" accordingly
> * Googling expert to add a link to a reliable source when possible
> (RFC, ISO, WhitePaper, SDK Reference (MSDN/ADC/ManPage/...), ...)
> Code related subgroups
> ----------------------------------
> * A subgroup to work on documenting the source code
> * A subgroup to work on plateform specific code (win32, Mac, Linux)
> * A subgroup of patch reviewer and tester. (check that the patch don't
> add more bug than it correct)
> * A subgroup of Benchmarker/Profiler for different platform/hardware
> ...
> etc ... (please add/rework workgroups if needed)
> Everyone could "subscribe" to more than one workgroup.
> sldev should be kept as "master list" to synchronize the workgroups,
> report work, request help, ... and of course the usual development
> discussion.
> Individual, or other workgroups, may request help from individuals or
> other workgroups on sldev.
> Each workgroup have their own wiki page and talk page.
> Instead of adding a mailinglist for every group i suggest to create
> newsgroup (like usenet).
> I can setup a INN server on one of my high-bandwidth dedicated server
> and i'm sure to find some other sysadmin (i'm unix sysad) to relay the
> news feed.
> I let the discussion grow here, we'll need to create a wiki page as
> soon as we have enough material.
> thank you ! i hope this idea will find some interest :)
> Of course, i'm volunteer to work on thoses small task nobody want to
> do, i like that and someone have to do it, huh ?

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