[sl-ux] Jacek Antonelli's Interface Contest Entry

Jacek Antonelli jacek.antonelli at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 19:38:39 PDT 2008

On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 7:44 PM, Adric R <hakushakukun at gmail.com> wrote:
> I love love LOVE your "favorites" tab in the inventory. Marking
> folders/items as favs would solve a lot of my inventory woes, as I'm pretty
> sure I have one of the largest inventories in SL (46,067 items and counting;
> don't ask me how it happens; I'm a prim black hole). I've given up trying to
> organize it by this point, and rely solely on search to find the items I
> need.

Thanks! It was inspired by a discussion I had with other users, where
it turned out that just about all of my friends and I had of ad-hoc
favorites systems, usually involving putting it in the top level
inventory and putting some punctuation mark in front of the name to
make it float to the top.One of those "Huh, there's got to be a better
way" moments.

> I noticed you include "Recompile Scripts in Selection" and "Save Object Back
> to Object Contents" in your menu listing.

Wishful thinking. ;-D

> *nudges malbers (if he's listening) about menu reorganization*
> Worth it to file a JIRA/patch, or just wait until the entire thing gets
> tackled?

Did you see his reply yesterday? He sneakily sent it as his secret
identity, Michael Albers.

> Anyway, that's really cool, Jacek :) I'm really curious to try out your menu
> changes to see how a more nested approach feels. Did you create an XML file
> for them? I can make my own, but thought I'd ask first *lazybones* hehe :)

I'm afraid I haven't, but I'm planning on it. The whole thing was
terribly rushed, as I've been swamped with work.

> Also, how were you thinking of customizing the toolbar? I toyed with the
> idea of being able to drag and drop menu items, but I worried newbies would
> mess up their interface more than find it useful. Would love to see what
> solution you came up with.

Oh, my solution is brilliant. The best ever. Pure genius. ... okay,
um, I actually don't have a solution. The idea for customizable
toolbars was (like everything else) a last-minute concept driven by
the contradictory needs for a toolbar which would be simple and
contain the bare necessities a newbie would need, yet still be
somewhat useful for oldbies.

My assumption is that there would be one of:

 1. A checkbox list, possibly reorderable, of buttons to include.
 2. A drag-and-drop interface ala Firefox (window pops up with your
available options, drag them onto the actual toobar)
 3. Drag any menu item down to the toolbar to set up a button.

(I think #3 would be really neat, if a bit wishful thinking.)

- Jacek

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