[slscripters] PRIM_PHYSICS_MATERIAL live?

Ima Mechanique not at chance.now
Tue Oct 25 21:50:05 PDT 2011

> On Oct 26, 2011, at 12:02 AM, Ima Mechanique wrote:
> > Compiles fine for me using v3.1.0.  I don't know what variable you're
> > having a problem with, as llSetPhysicsMaterial() doesn't return a value.
> > BTW the function and constants will not be highlighted correctly, but
> > this doesn't matter as the server compiles the script not the viewer.
> Yeah, I wasn't worried about the lack of syntax highlighting, but the
>compiler's throwing failures on PRIM_PHYSICS_MATERIAL; I've tried
>multiple viewers.  What server version are you on, Ima?  I'm trying to
>get it to work on Second Life Server

I only tried it in my home sim, which is on the LeTigre Release Channel,
not that it should make any difference.

To the best of my knowledge PRIM_PHYSICS_MATERIAL is not a valid
constant, at least it is not listed in the release notes. Can you give a
sample of what you're trying to use, it kind of sounds like you're
misunderstanding the function.

Ima Mechanique
Check List
1) Check the documentation.
2) Drink coffee.
3) Check the documentation again, to see what I missed first time.
4) If I still can't solve it, ask if anyone else has the answer.


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