[slscripters] Urgent problem - all http failing with 499 since 2:50am PDT

Sasun Steinbeck sasunsteinbeck at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 14:57:38 PDT 2011

And they didn't give me the courtesy of telling me which jira. Maybe it's
not in the database, but they apparently know all about it. I really wish
they would have given me some details since I'm running around trying random
things (like the fixed IP address, and now looking for a new web host) and
have NO idea whether that's going to work or not. Since there's no way to
re-open a case, I can't just open another case asking for details and wait 5
more days for an initial reply :(

SL is simply not ready for serious development when it takes that long for
an initial reply to a critical incident that breaks content for thousands of
residents. And the reply is "file a jira". Sigh.

So far my testing with my new fixed IP address is having the same problem -
it's blocked as well.

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 2:13 PM, Kora Zenovka <kora.zenovka at gmail.com>wrote:

> If LL awknoledge that this is not an isolated bug, which Jira bug are they
> referrring to?
> 499 - for me - happens only if my http server times out, which is quite
> uncommon.
> But I never got a http request blocked (except once when there were problem
> in the whole grid) and I have an intense heavy traffic between SL and my
> regions.
> I wonder if your IP address has been blocked for some reasons, but it is
> unlikely, is it? They have a cap on the number of http requests you can have
> for each region, but in that case, some of them would still get through.
> Maybe it is best to submit a bug in the Jira. It is a good way to find out
> if other people are having the same issue.
> On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 1:22 PM, Sasun Steinbeck <sasunsteinbeck at gmail.com
> > wrote:
>> This is absolutely insane. After 5 days of waiting for the courtesy of a
>> reply of this critical issue for my business, here is what I got back:
>> "Unfortunately, the issue you mentioned is not specific to only yourself.
>> This is a bug that we cannot help you with directly in support.
>> The place to make just reports or requests is the Issue Tracker."
>> Holy freaking crap, are you serious LL? Is anyone else having their http
>> requests blocked, or has anyone heard of this? Apparently this is a known
>> problem? I wish they would have supplied some details. I have no idea
>> whether switching to another IP address will fix this problem or not...
>> It looks like this is not a problem they can fix any time soon, which
>> makes NO sense to me, since obviously not ALL IP addresses for outgoing http
>> requests are blocked. In the mean time I have somewhere around 7000 scripted
>> objects all across the grid that will not work until they fix this. Which at
>> this point sounds like it could be a long time. Which means, I'm out of
>> business, and leaving SL as well. This is absolutely incredble, my mind just
>> boggles.
>> On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 3:59 PM, Sasun Steinbeck <
>> sasunsteinbeck at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> As of 2:50am PDT this morning, all HTTP requests to any of my domains
>>> from SL on my web host are failing with a 499. Every single one, not one is
>>> getting through. The IIS logs show all requests from scripts stopped about
>>> then. The web server is up, I can contact it just fine, from my browser,
>>> everything is working there. I can make other http requests to other domains
>>> like google.com just fine. It is only failing from SL scripted objects
>>> to any of my domains hosted on the same server.
>>> This very much looks like some kind of blocking is going on.  Has anyone
>>> ever experienced this before, and how did you solve it? I'm about to start a
>>> chat session with LL support but i"m not holding my breath.
>>> In the mean time I have a bunch of customers completely dead in the water
>>> since most of my products are web-integrated and are failing completely.
>>> Gaaaaahhhhhhhhh....
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