[slscripters] Problem with SL http_response errors

Ima Mechanique not at chance.now
Thu Oct 6 10:06:49 PDT 2011

> Good suggestion, Ed.
> I don't have a parser for the logs but looking through the raw data I do 
> see the 500 results going out to the Second Life requests.  I don't know 
> why my external tester is not getting them but it is obviously an 
> indication of where to start looking.
> My knowledge of the MYSQL internal operations is minimal.
> Could randomly occurring, rapid (simultaneous) requests be causing file 
> locking or is there only one thread at a time using the data access?
> If there is file locking, would this cause 500 error responses to 
> blocked requests or do they just wait?
> Would duplicate data files and splitting requests between them help?  
> (Most of the data is static).

Presumably you connect to a scripting language (like PHP) to access the
MySQL db. Check its error logs to find more specific errors, like db
connection timeouts, that might be behind the 500 status code.

> On 10/6/2011 3:05 AM, Edmund Edgar wrote:
> > On 6 October 2011 15:26, AnnMarie at SLFBI.com<AnnMarie at slfbi.com>  wrote:
> >> **HOWEVER**  tonight I wrote a test program running outside SL accessing the
> >> same database once every 10 seconds and it is not getting any errors after
> >> running a couple of hours.
> >> Previously I've assumed the error 500 "internal server error" was
> >> originating from my data base but with tonight's test I'm wondering if the
> >> Second Life http handlers could be introducing the problem.
> > Have you checked your server logs to see if your server is sending
> > HTTP 500 responses?
> >
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