[slscripters] Problem with SL http_response errors

AnnMarie at SLFBI.com AnnMarie at SLFBI.com
Wed Oct 5 23:26:05 PDT 2011

I'm plagued with an http_response error 500 problem, "internal server 
error", with my vehicles that seems to be getting worse.  The problem 
first showed about 6 months ago and is now getting critical.
Error frequency seems to be independent of how many vehicles I'm 
running. (Not database server congestion).
It seems to get worse in the evenings and hardly occurs off peak hours 
.  (Internet traffic related??)
It  runs in batches lasting from 10 minutes to an hour, then goes away 
for a while.
A batch of errors will come in from random vehicles distributed all over 
SL and all start getting failures at the same time.
The http cap limit should not be a problem.  Only 1 or fewer requests 
per sim per minute.
On first or second  http time-out I wait a minute and re-submit.
On a third failure I shut the vehicle down.

It is so bad tonight I'm down to only 25 vehicles running, each making 
an http access once every minute or two and I'm still getting many 
re-tries yet earlier I was running over 125 with no problems.

***HOWEVER**  tonight I wrote a test program running outside SL 
accessing the same database once every 10 seconds and it is not getting 
any errors after running a couple of hours.*
Previously I've assumed the error 500 "internal server error" was 
originating from my data base but with tonight's test I'm wondering if 
the Second Life http handlers could be introducing the problem.

Can the error 500 be originating in SL or must it be coming from my 
database server?
If they are being generated in the SL http interface, any suggestions?
Has anyone else been seeing this problem?

AnnMarie Otoole

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