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Niklas R (appspot) niklasro at
Thu Mar 25 14:24:09 PDT 2010

Thank you all. I shall try it for basic project: illustrate newtonian
mechanics (Newton law 1). Ie. does it ever halt or to a(n approx.
limit) only. (id: Dac saunders)
2010/3/25 Craig Berry <cdberry at>:
> If you want to give a collision more "kick", it's fairly easy to
> script the collided-with object to apply a force to the colliding
> object.  I've used this to make a trampoline, for example; it detects
> a collision with an avatar, and pushes that avatar upward.
> On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 09:49, AnnMarie at <AnnMarie at> wrote:
>> Bouncing is enabled by setting the falling object to Physical.  That
>> invokes the physics engine.
>> The amount of bounce depends on how far it is dropped, its mass, any
>> impulse or force applied, the material the ball and the material the
>> bounce surface is made of.
>> There are no predictable numbers on response so empirical engineering is
>> required.  Response level is not consistent.
>> Since it is easy to lose physical objects I recommend you make copies
>> then set them to Temporary so they self destruct after 1 to 2 minutes
>> when they get lost.
>> Physical objects use considerable resources so the number has to be limited.
>> The physical attributes discontinue a few seconds after the object has
>> settled at ground level.
>> If the object is unable to get to ground level the physics engine will
>> continue running which can add lag and increase time dilution.
>> AnnMarie Otoole
>> On 3/25/2010 8:52 AM, Niklasro(.appspot) wrote:
>>> Hello kindly point or inform if you know how to implement bouncing
>>> object eg ball bounces in depth and up. Like dropping (a tennisball or
>>> a hackysack/plaything) or falling down (a ladder) with elastic or
>>> ineltstic collision that generates a bounce
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