a script to listen on multiple channels

Jonathan Irvin djfoxyslpr at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 09:21:47 PDT 2010

Yes...I know listen() is an event, that is static.

What I'm talking about is this...

for(i = 100; i; i++){
//Create a listen handle
//Open a channel
//Wait for a response, eg llSleep()

if (no response){
do nothing;
add channel to list to be rechecked for other comms on the next loop


something like that.  Would we need it this way? perhaps not, but it would
be fun to code and minimalize existing practices.

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On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 10:17, AnnMarie at SLFBI.com <AnnMarie at slfbi.com>wrote:

>  I don't understand your problem.  There is no looping or querying
> involved.
> The *listen*( integer <http://wiki/Integer> channel, string<http://wiki/String>name,
> key <http://wiki/Key> id, string <http://wiki/String> message ){
> is an EVENT.  You don't have to query it in a loop, that is all automatic.
> You can't execute it like you do with LSL functions, it is not a function.
> If no messages are coming in on the channels that you enabled with
> llListen() then nothing happens.  Only when a message comes in on an enabled
> channel, does the script in the EVENT get executed.  If you need the script
> to perform different functions depending on which channel was talking, it
> can look at the incoming "channel" variable to decide what to do.
> You only have to set up the channels that are listening once, once turned
> on they stay on (until deliberately disabled or a state change).
> AnnMarie Otoole
> On 3/22/2010 10:40 AM, Jonathan Irvin wrote:
> Seems too complex for what it should be, is there any way to do this in for
> each loops instead?
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