llOwnerSay appends (?) sometimes

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Wed Mar 10 09:25:43 PST 2010

as a script-developer you do not design products but programs and well, maybe in different languages but I've never heard that google translates LSL to C#(might be useful if in OpenSim). That said it means you have to work precisely and need precise unadulterated output.

llOwnerSay() script-output for developers...treat this statement as the script itself talks to you, to the developer, and not to users using the object which gives feedback in foreign languages.

Anyway, thank you for your help and no, I don't want to play with that. Who knows what you get back. Maybe we see automatic spell-checking correction then and hear typing sound when llOwnerSay() communicates state of scripts :-).

btw I hope, Emerald's command-line ignores llOwnerSay() messages.

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> An: toylin at gmx.net
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> > llOwnerSay() script-output for developers should not and cannot be
> translated anyway.
> Eh. What if you didn't design the product, and bought it from a
> Japanese market? Or were French and sold to Americans? There are times
> when it'd still be needed. Even if it was your own stuff, if you're
> developing in multiple languages it can be useful. Could maybe be an
> option, but it seems like an edge case.
> I pinged an Emerald developer about changing it. Really don't know
> their process for feature requests. Might be nice to make a Snowglobe
> related Jira, if you wanted to play with that, since I think Snowglobe
> adopted it. Request that the color be changed, or have some other
> indicator.
> Stickman

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