Media on a prim vs XYZZY text ( Ferd Frederix)

Fred Beckhusen fred.b at
Tue Aug 17 22:10:51 PDT 2010

I think the Lindens have done a fabulous and marvelous thing with media 
on a prim.    XYZZY text is a very slow rezzing, script intensive, old, 
old  way to do text.   Adding the new llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast would 
be an improvement, but not by much.

Except for media on a prim, there aren't really any alternatives to it, 
for text.  But when I need text displays for scoring and such, I make 
them into  a HUD and use Hovertext.  Positioning can be easily done with 
the Z axis, and small graphs are possible.

Actually, I avoid text whenever possible these days.  Why use text at 
all?  Its a visual and audible world, isn't it?   More than half of the 
world can't read English, anyway.  And it is almost trivially easy to 
use Google to speak any message, on the fly, in any almost any 
language.    Why not use the new power of the V2 to talk to your 
visitors in their own language?  In any font, in video, or in voice?

There are just way to many neat things to do with the webkit browser on 
a prim .    It supports  JQuery, Mootools, Flash,  Javascript, ExtJs, 
DHTML,  audio and other neato technologies.  You can easily make water 
you can stir with your 'finger',  or code up talking and animated 
pictures and animals with almost no effort.  E-book, anyone?   I have a 
prim that reads me any e-book out loud.   Paying for streaming media? 
Eww. Stop that.    Play all of your MP3 files in an endless loop, for 
free using Google's free storage and a simple media on a prim script 
with a little bit of  code.

And THANK YOU Kelly Linden!   Your articles on using LSL to poke web 
pages into a prim were a wonderful help to me.

Heres something you could never ever do the old way:

Google Translated->Wolfram Alpha->Eliza chatbot on a prim:  A simple LSL 
script drives a web page via llListen from chat. I put it on a cylinder 
and wrapped it around a tree in Phaze Demesnes.

The 2-D web version below does not begin to compare to the gorgeous 3D 
Second Life version.

Web version:
SL version:
A simple Sim Greeter:

Make your own greeter  - it's free - see

Ferd Frederix


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