llSetScriptState timings

Pentasis pentasis at lavabit.com
Thu Aug 5 12:50:34 PDT 2010

Ok thanks all,

What you say makes sense. I was just wondering if I could make my 
product as low lag as possible so trying to think of alternative ways of 
doing so. But in the end we are talking 8 scripts total here in which I 
would "deactivate" three, so no huge deal.
Idle-states seem to be the best option.

Thanks again,

On 05-08-2010 20:26, AnnMarie at SLFBI.com wrote:
>    I would think that the overhead in suspending operations would save
> very little overhead, if any, especially if additional  state recovery
> monitoring overhead is added.
> Event driven scripts present very little load if there are no events.
> When non in use, just go to an "idle" state.  No Listens, no Scanners,
> no timers, just whatever is the minimal needed for wake-up when needed.
> If avatars can wear 250 scripted strands of hair IN MONO, unless you are
> breeding large quantities of sim choking chickens I would not bother
> with it.  Save 10 microseconds per cycle to give it to someone's wig
> that takes 10 seconds to cycle.  DUH.
> AnnMarie Otoole
> On 8/5/2010 7:03 AM, Pentasis wrote:
>> Has anyone any data or done tests with llSetScriptState which determines
>> how fast a script is set back to running state?
>> The reason I am asking is because I am making a product that has some
>> scripts in them which cannot be combined and are very specialized in
>> what they do. However they don't need to run all the time because of
>> that specialization.
>> So I was thinking I could set them running prior to having to use them
>> and then stop them again afterwards.
>> After setting a script to running I just wait until I runs (determine
>> that with llGetScriptState). But I was wondering how much time this
>> takes on average. And would it really help to keep lag down? Or would
>> turning scripts off and on again and poll to see if they are running add
>> more problems then it would solve?
>> Pentasis Adamczyk
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