Scripting HUDs with "Shared Media" capabilities of 2.0 Viewer

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Tue Apr 6 11:45:54 PDT 2010

Hey Dave,

Not sure how you are planning on using the shared media in a hud.
Ours interfaces with a web site where the students log in and then selects
questions and tasks.
ASP pages then determine based on their choices how to  
interface with objects in Second Life along with tracking what the students
have done.

(SL) Journy Dinkin

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Subject: Scripting HUDs with "Shared Media" capabilities of 2.0 Viewer

Hello, I'm working on a project with scenario development and role playing
and wanted to make use of the new "Shared Media" capabilities of the Second
Life 2.0 viewer.  Torley Linden thought some in this group may have already
experimented in this area.  

Wondering if anyone has examples of work they've done with shared media in a
HUD with the new viewer.  

Also are there good scripting resources for what the new 2.0 technologies
capabilities opened up on the scripting side?

Dave Fliesen
(SL) Joey Aboma
(OpenSIM) Sun Tzu
Sonalysts, Inc.
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