Scripting HUDs with "Shared Media" capabilities of 2.0 Viewer

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Mon Apr 5 17:05:52 PDT 2010

> Thanks everyone for all the advice.  This is a really great group from the sounds of discussions.  
> I won't pretend to be a professional scripter of LSL.  I've done mostly HTML, Javascript, Flash Action Script, AIML, and AAML.  Lately I've been experimenting with the Unity 3D Game Engine and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT).  I see some pretty interesting gaming social applications being done and will hopefully be soon designing a virtual worlds project for kids.  
> I think the 2.0 viewer is taking some hard hits and not being considered by many because of first impressions.  While it doesn't incorporate everything I'd like to see in an SL viewer (I'd prefer a web-based solution), it does have some new great capabilities that can be very useful especially for the areas of business and education.  Many that I've talked to after trying it out once and going back have complained about screen real estate, not noticing the double arrow to collapse the Toggle Sidebar and give you full screen real estate.

This isn't really the place to discuss Viewer 2, but I thinking it's
taking a lot of hard hits because people have given it a try and found
it has more drawbacks than benefits.

I love the media on a prim and a few of its other features.. But I will
wait for a third party viewer to support that without the rest of the

> What I think is the harder aspect of the viewer is how we communicate.  Much like the Google Wave, communication will be a key aspect in the years ahead for virtual worlds.  And that's something that really hasn't been figured out yet.  It's both an art and a science.  I personally liked the chat and IM better with the old viewer.  It was easier for me to hold conversations with 20+ groups and avatars at one time.  Too easy for me to miss things people say with the new viewer.  But I am but one avatar in a sea of millions.  New users seem to like the 2.0 viewer since they don't know what it used to be like.  
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> On Monday, April 05, 2010, at 07:22PM, "Very Keynes" <very.keynes at> wrote:
> >I am holding off on anything Viewer 2 specific until i see 3rd party
> >viewers add the functionality. Viewer 2 takes up too much screen
> >real-estate for me and I still can't move chat and IM windows to a
> >second monitor. The web pages no longer fit 1024 x 768 and now Viewer
> >2 has followed the same bad advice from the consultants.
> >
> >That said my Partner has done a lot off work with the new Media
> >functions, I will ask him if he is willing to publish.
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