Textures. Going quietly mad here!!!

Glen gcanaday at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 17:09:26 PDT 2009

I recompile them all and they work. Your way is better.

Stickman wrote:
>> I created a test multi-prim object from scratch with the textures and script
>> in a child prim (from the very start) and it works just fine so I think the
>> problem occurs only having moved the textures between prims having already
>> made some calls to llSetLinkTexture(). Is that possible? Does SL somehow
>> store a texture's prim inventory location when you reference it?? If so, is
> That's very interesting.
> I have a problem "infecting" objects with scripts. If you give scripts
> via script, and then go to Tools -> Set scripts in selection to
> running, it'll not find any of the scripts even though they're obvious
> in every prim of the object. If you rerez it, then it realizes they're
> all there and sets them to running just fine.
> So, try rerezzing it and see if it wises up as to where the textures are.
> Using keys would mean you could toss out the textures from inventory
> entirely. Useful for some cases. Depends what you're doing.
> -Stickman
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