Luisito D Espiritu is Out of the Office.

Stickman stickman at
Wed Jul 8 14:45:45 PDT 2009

Hm. I was going to invoke Posting Policies and Guidelines, Section 1,
Article 1d, which states:

"If you have auto-reply email software (such as out-of-office
notification), please make sure that it's configured correctly.
Failure to do so will cause you to receive moderated access until you
assure us it's fixed."

But it would seem that such policy is valid for sldev, but is not a
policy listed in conjunction with the secondlifescripters mailing

Very well! I didn't actually care much anyway, just wanted to stretch
some authority. Carry on then!


On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 2:28 PM, Luisito D
Espiritu<ldespiritu at> wrote:
> I will be out of the office starting Wed 07/08/2009 and will not return
> until Fri 07/10/2009.
> Please contact Jim Nelson for IO EC Visualization related questions,
> 727-302-2163.  Please contact Bob Batie for Augmented Reality IRAD
> questions, 727-302-3068.
> Please contact Launie Flowers, 727-3024012, if you need administrative
> assistance.
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