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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Turret script - rotation hell (Destiny Niles)
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>   3. Re: Turret script - rotation hell (Glen Canaday)
>   4. Re: Turret script - rotation hell (DeXTeRz LAb)
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> Subject: Turret script - rotation hell
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> I'm trying to write a turret script. I've already have a couple of
> basic gun scripts that I've attempted to modify, but the rotation is
> giving me trouble.
> When I try to fire using the llLookAt(target_pos,1,1) it fires
> straight down. When I disable the llLookAt just to see how the object
> is rezzed it comes out along the Z axis. If I manual rotate it to fire
> the direction I want, it's ok, but I suck at figuring out the rotation
> that I should be using since the llRotFwd is not the right function,
> or at least is not giving me what I want.
> Can anyone help me? Go give me the scriptlet for the section needed.
> points the prim's x
axis towards the target, so that might help.

Alternatively, provides
ways of making llLookAt point different axes at the target, which might be
better since you could just use your existing arguments rather than figure
out new ones for llRotLookAt.
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