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Ima Mechanique not at chance.now
Tue Feb 10 22:34:07 PST 2009

> On Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 12:44 PM, AnnMarie at SLFBI <AnnMarie at slfbi.com> wrote:
> > How come there is no llGetParcelMusicURL?.
> > There is a way to get Media URL, surely Music URL is also important?
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> > AnnMarie Otoole.
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> I think it's for security reasons.  Media URLs tend to be more public:
> Youtube videos, websites, etc.  Music URLs are often people's personal
> streams, sometimes even containing the IP address of their own
> computer.
> On the other hand, the music URL can be seen in the land management
> window, or there is an option to hide it; and any LSL function to get
> the music URL should respect that option.  So when you look at it that
> way, there's no reason not to have the function.
> Have you checked Jira for a related issue?
> Colin

Streamed music predates the other media by quite a while.  When it
became available, the URL was hidden from all residents except those
with permissions to set it (owner/groups). When the later media stream
became available it remained only visible to those people.

Given that now you can change that status, it would be nice if it was
available to LSL provided the address was visible to the script owner.

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