Script performance measuring

intel81 at intel81 at
Fri Dec 18 08:01:22 PST 2009

> Finally, I tend to lose my mind a little bit when scripts are blamed
> for poor sim-FPS. Unless LL has been lying to us (which is possible)
> and unless other's observations are really off the mark, script-lag
> does not and cannot cause an impact on sim-FPS. Sure, script-lag will
> interfere with other scripts, but as I understand it, scripts get time
> in each frame only if there is available cycles remaining in the
> frame. No more cycles in the frame? Sorry, you need to wait until the
> next frame. This is what can cause click-lag where it can take several
> seconds for a script to respond to a touch, etc. Please correct me if
> I'm wrong in this, but I'd like to hear how to reconcile the common
> wisdom, vs. what is _actually_ happening in the sim as based on
> repeatable observation and statements from LL regarding how sims
> operate.

Nobody will ever know what is _actually_ happening in the sim, unless
LL release the code. Much has been speculated (in this list as well),
but very little is actually known.
Also, I wouldn't even trust what LL says, as their statements are
often inconsistent with what they said previously (there was an
interesting discussion about this a few months ago).
Just get used to this, otherwise switch to OpenSim.

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