Emerald AO

Kubota Homewood sl42 at kryslix.com
Wed Dec 16 17:04:07 PST 2009

On Dec 16, 2009, at 6:35 PM, Ziggy Puff wrote:

>> Clients can start anims that other clients see without any help from
>> scripts
> *slaps head* Play in-world. Of course.
> So basically the server sends the client the usual "Play this animation"
> message with the default anims, and the client turns around and says "No,
> play this animation instead" using the same mechanism as the 'play
> in-world' button. That seems simple enough, and more efficient than a
> scripted AO. And I don't see why that couldn't be extended to handle
> multiple animation sets, or anything else that a scripted AO can do.

Well, as they have mentioned, it doesn't work well if you don't have a really fast ping time.  I have had ping times in 1+ second range with about a 15% packet drop (don't give solutions to fix this, you can't in that environment).  A client side AO would fail miserably.  A scripted AO, on the other hand, does not care what my ping time is, so even if I can't control my movement very well, at least, to the others in the region, I can not do so with style :-)  Seriously, in that case, I often just "sit" on an object to move.  I wouldn't want to wait for my client to eventually get the message for others to see.  Besides, SL is using UDP which means I might not get the message, or the messages might come in out of order, or my replies might be....

Don't rely on the Unreliable Datagram Protocol being reliable and in order folks!


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