New Functions and Other News

Ziggy Puff ziggy at
Wed Dec 16 12:43:54 PST 2009

> I think by 'charged' he just means 'counted as using that much memory'.
>  Though they are his words, not mine I think.

Yes, that is exactly what I meant.

Thanks for the clarification. While I understand why you have to count
each Mono script as 64K, it seems like an unfortunate penalty for anyone
who converted LSL scripts to Mono (assuming the script fit in 16KB in
LSL). Basically, someone could update their products by just recompiling
to LSL, and they would be allowed to run 4x more scripts, even though
they're now probably using more memory.

I'm glad the reporting tools will be out long before the limits are
enforced. Hopefully the new get/set prim params will also be out well
before the limits are enforced. This will allow scripters to update their
products before things stop working.

And it's not just hair/shoe resizers, or things that are redundant if the
object is modifiable. I did the code for my wife's wings, and they open,
close, fold, etc., in addition to changing size. There's no way to
implement this without a script in every prim (or live with wings that
fold one feather at a time). Any object that transforms in any way faces
the same problem.

Hopefully the Set...Fast function will be fast enough that multiple linked
prims can be updated in one (or a few) frame time, so the viewer sees the
whole object change shape in one step (hope that made sense).


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