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On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 7:50 AM, Stickman <stickman at> wrote:

> As per Babbage Linden's office hours today (
> ) we will hopefully received the following two functions as of server
> 1.38:
> llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast()
> llGetLinkPrimitiveParams()

All I can say is YAY! Much needed functions. Though I still think you should
be able to get the prim name from this function. I'll take what I can get

 In other news from the office hours, persistent storage is being
> discussed, but is a long ways out. Mono is being upgraded, which will
> help them track down the bug that makes a sim lock up for half a dozen
> seconds whenever a chunk of mono scripts teleports in or rezzes, as
> well as let them isolate and sandbox "dangerous" scripts. I think. I
> was a bit fuzzy on that last one.

Persistant storage is much needed. But honestly if they are already worried
about memory usage, I'm not hopeful that this will get implemented at all.
I'd be more than happy to be proven wrong though.

And, as every news has a downside, LL isn't happy about supporting the
> old LSO VM. You recall that when they introduced Mono, they were
> interested in converting all existing scripts over and dropping the
> old VM. Due to the fact that wasn't actually possible, they ended up
> supporting two VMs, and they're not sunshine and roses about it. The
> new "script limits" may impose a penalty for LSO (eg, not Mono)
> scripts. Since script limits initially will only be memory related,
> this only applies to products that contain several LSO scripts. (LSO
> scripts take up 16k of memory, no matter what, so if the penalty does
> come into effect, it will basically be "only x LSO scripts are allowed
> per avatar or per parcel.") Anyway, the penalty is still an idea. If
> you have a reason to want LSO kept alive (some avatar makers with
> several older avatars they don't have time to update currently are
> very interested) then making your voice heard on the subject may be
> desirable for you.

Personally I don't have a problem with a penalty for LSO compiled scripts. I
recompiled all my stuff the moment MONO was deployed to the sims.

IMHO, if they really want to help cut down on script time, they should
implement the Animation Overrider portion of the Emerald viewer in the
standard SL viewer and make a big deal about it (maybe include a
Torley-Style movie tutorial on how to use it. Not only would that cut out I
don't know how many AO scripts, but I bet a good majority of AOs out there
are still old LSL AOs that have never been updated. Darn near everyone in SL
has one, and they are ridiculous wasters of script time and memory
(considering you can implement it into the viewer for no script overhead)

Anyway, thanks for the update Stickman

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