looking for texture debug tools, is there a secondlife-texturers mailing list?

Stefan Weiss - FUTURELAB sl-contact at futurelab.de
Fri Dec 11 05:28:48 PST 2009

We run a heavily textured replica of the city of Munich, Germany. All the
involved builders who contributed textures over the years went through a
learning process. And the discussion about the best texturing strategy
started on day one (see
.html). Today the sim is one of the most realistic sims in Second Life. But
we have severe lag problems. People with slow computers can barely walk
through the streets of Munich in SL. That's why we started to hunt for
disproportionate large textures. I know there are tools for analysis built
in the client (e.g. Texture Area (sqrt(A))) but I cannot find any

Is there a secondlife-textureres mailing list where I can talk to experts
like we discuss scripting issues in this mailing list?

Stefan (aka. Lislo Mensing)

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