Client side structured graphics

Argent Stonecutter secret.argent at
Sun Nov 23 16:19:48 PST 2008

I'm talking about having the SVG in a notecard or a text string sent  
from an LSL call like "llRenderSVG()". It could be prototyped on the  
open source client by using a special texture UUID that would tell the  
client to pull down a notecard with the name "svg$face". Making it  
dynamic would require explicit LSL and protocol support. Eg:

llRenderSVG(face, "<rect width='300' height='100'  

I'd like something simpler, too, just a plain "llRenderText()", but it  
might in this case be easier to run before you walk.

I am not in favor of using HTTP for rendering anything on a prim face,  
because if such a feature was implemented it would make stalking folks  
through web-bugs into something that griefers could routinely use...  
instead of something mainly used by landowners to implement IP-based  
ban lists, and that's already a bad precedent.

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