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Taran Rampersad cnd at
Thu Jun 26 17:41:43 PDT 2008

Craig Berry wrote:
>> Honestly, the best system would be based on script time, and would throttle
>> rather than completely disable it's ability to run.
> Throttling rather than a hard limit is essential.
Throttling under the right circumstances is choking - not disagreeing 
with what you wrote, but acknowledging what you wrote in your last 
paragraph in the same context.
> No matter how many scripts try to run at once, the High priority ones,
> which are connected to objects on owned land, get first dibs, so
> parcel owners' installations (e.g., vendors) keep working reasonably
> well even after visitors' AOs and toys grind to a near-halt.
> This seems like the best path forward.  Comments?
Yup, yup, I agree wholeheartedly.

I was also wondering, after reading what you wrote, whether paying users 
will be allocated more resources than free account users. I think that 
this would be a good idea, where freebie accounts get shot in the foot 
first... this would impact griefing in a very nice way. As free accounts 
progress, it is or should be highly unlikely that they would require 
high resource allocation for themselves. Of course, the problem with 
this is that there are legitimate users who can't pay Linden Lab because 
of the payment verification process. Maybe that would get someone of 
note at Linden Lab to look at the problem as well - or maybe not.

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