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> As a side note the decision of whether we oversell resources or not becomes
> a business one not a code one

I still think you're understating (is that better than underestimating? I
don't know. I don't know how much existing experience... experience before
or outside SL... with these kinds of systems you folks collectively have)
the technical side of this kind of decision. For resources that are "bursty"
in usage and behavior overcommitment is not just best practice it's also the
most common allocation mechanism. Look at how communication systems work.

I'm not talking about "well, right now I use more than the resources I pay
for and it is ok because my neighbor doesn't use it", I'm talking about the
common case in scripted objects, where "for the next 2 seconds I need 10% of
the CPU of the sim, but for the following 5 minutes I will need less than
0.01% of the CPU of the sim". If the sim has 128 512 square meter parcels on
it, each owned by 1 person, all running a script like that, none of the
scripts will ever cause lag, but under a strict CPU rationing model every
one of them will find themselves throttled every time they need to run.

However it's implemented doesn't matter. You could say "if you have 1/32nd
of the sim, you are *guaranteed* 1/32nd of the CPU time if you need it, and
then fight for the rest with everyone else", which would make a great
business-cae argument for "buying CPU time" by buying more land in the sim.
The point is that idle CPU shouldn't be denied to scripts even on the
smallest parcel if the sim as a whole is not overtaxed.
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