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Thu Jun 26 01:52:08 PDT 2008

The limited resource case for CPU cycles is not a complete design at 
this point.  The focus of thought and discussion has actually mostly 
been around memory usage.  Even so the exact case of how a script gets 
more resource (more memory) is still not set in stone (do they need to 
ask for it, or just always get what they need?).

For CPU cycles I suspect it to work extremely differently than stopping 
any scripts from running.  Right now how scripts work is there is a 
fixed amount of time we run scripts each frame, if not all scripts were 
run that frame we pick up where we left off when it is time to run 
scripts next frame.  So if lots of scripts are running and need lots of 
time it may take several frames for each script to get a chance to run.  
Given that, one possibility is to keep that model (highly likely) and 
then instead of 1 fixed amount of time to run scripts for the whole 
region, we divide that time up according to % of the region owned for 
the parcel the objects are over.  On a parcel that covers half of a 
region they get half of the time to run.  Now there is a lot of edge 
cases and fuzzyness here - what do we do if not all that time is used?  
We could just keep running those scripts again and again or we could let 
other scripts in the region go.  There are lots of possibilities here, 
and I don't think any involve not letting scripts run.

Avatars will have their own specific pool of resources, per avatar, for 
all their attachments.  Those working will not depend on available 
resources for the parcels they are over.

 - Kelly

Stickman wrote:
> If I'm understanding this, when a parcel fills up then new scripts
> just simply don't run anymore, right? I've got two worries regarding
> this.
> 1) New scripts will simply not run, correct? If that's the case,
> without something popping up in their face telling them WHY the script
> isn't starting, it's going to cause debugging issues. I sell boats.
> Imagine a customer who buys a boat, goes home, rezzing it, and it
> won't drive. Unless they get a popup that explains the situation,
> they're coming to me, and then I have to run through a whole checklist
> of the problems while they get angry and impatient because it's NOT
> WORKING and it's obviously my fault and why am I asking them all these
> questions I should just make it work.
> 2) What about attachments? People have AOs for things like quadruped
> avatars that are simply required. The avatar doesn't work without
> them. If they're walking though a mall and walk into a store that uses
> everything available for the store's tools, what happens to their AO
> or other attachment scripts?
> So I suppose the real question is: how much is this likely to affect
> normal residents? Do you have metrics to see how much disruption it
> would cause if you implemented it?
> If it only effects a few thousand people, then yeah! Knock those
> resources leeches down. If every other parcel is gonna get a
> smackdown, then I don't think this is a very good solution at all.
> -Stickman
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