Survey for prioritizing future projects

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Wed Jun 25 19:33:16 PDT 2008

I have already completed the survey, but since it is being discussed 
here, I'm going to add my 2 cents worth :)

>1. Script Resource Limits: Ration script resources in a similar way 
>to prim limits. Allow individual scripts to use all resources 
>available in their current pool, rather than imposing arbitary 
>limits on a per script basis. Each avatar is given a fixed size 
>resource pool for scripted attachments and remaining resources are 
>divided in to parcel pools based on land ownership. When all script 
>resources in a pool have been consumed, no more scripted objects can 
>be created using that pool.

I really think that this is going to open a big can of 
worms.  Situation 1:  I belong to an in-world organization which has 
4-sims, although the membership does not share in any land-ownership 
there whatsoever.  Many of us, including myself, build scripted items 
which are used all over the place.  Or we buy scripted items.  But we 
do not buy or rent parcels in these sims.  Many items get sold to the 
sim's owner, but many don't.  Across the 4 sims, items which are in 
my name are a lot of teleport pads, a number of elevators, and there 
is an auditorium full of seats, where every seat contains a sit 
script of mine.  Managing prim resources tied to the parcels is 
already a mess.  Adding script rationing to the parcels is going to 
compound the parcel management problems.

Situation 2:  I own a private island.  Parts of the island are rented 
as mall booths.  I used to require that tenants join a group, and all 
items in their store had to belong to the group.  I found myself 
constantly having to come in-world to invite new tenants to the 
group.  Now I'm thinking: will tenants have to belong to a group on 
group-owned land in order to have scripts in their stores?

Situation 3: Stores again.  Suppose the store is a collection of 
crates, and each crate has a script in it, and one buys direct from 
the crate.  This is going to limit the number of crates that can be in a store.

I can see where this may solve the problems of a club in one corner 
of a sim using the resources of an entire sim with their scripted 
objects.  And this could be desirable on mainland sims where the sim 
is divided up between many different land owners.  I think that if it 
is a mainland sim that is owned by 1 person, or private island sim, 
where again the owner is 1 person, then that person (Estate owner) 
should have the ability to opt-out of parcel-based script 
rationing.  Perhaps also, have a separate bonus factor in the estate 
controls for the sim owner to increase the scripts for a given parcel.

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