Using info from Google DB == Violation: Terms ofService: Permissions Exploit?

Mark Meijer meijer78 at
Wed Jan 30 10:33:44 PST 2008

On 30/01/2008, Taran Rampersad <cnd at> wrote:
> Mark Meijer wrote:
> > I just re-installed SL and wanted to log in for the first time since,
> > I don't know... a long time (only because I seem to have received an
> > inventory item from someone I know). And before logging in was
> > complete, I got a popup that said I have to agree to the following ToS
> > before I could continue. Beside that, the popup was blank... Funny,
> > that... 8-B
> >
> That would be for the announcement they did about the Quicktime exploit,
> as I recall.

I have no idea... I meant only that, well, there was *no* ToS
displayed on the popup. The popup was entirely blank, except for that
one line at the top which said I have to agree "to the following
ToS"... and then no ToS followed.

In other words, I had to agree to a blank ToS... Sure, I'll agree to
those terms ;)

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