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Gareth McCumskey gmccumskey at
Tue Jan 29 21:25:03 PST 2008

Hi all,

I have noticed some scripters are still under an incorrect perception as to
how Mono is being implemented. I also keep getting a lot of clients I have
written scripts for going nuts at the thought of Mono, worried about scripts
I have written for them.

Mono is not an implementation of a new language. Mono is not a replacement
for LSL as a language. It is purely a replacement for the LSL virtual
machine in the back end of a sims software to speed up the processing of
scripts. No changes need to be made (yet) to scripts because of this. The
worst case scenario of the Mono implementation is that some scripts may not
function as expected and need changing due to LL's conversion of existing
scripts LSL bytecode to Mono bytecode. Which is why LL is working so hard to
test Mono to death before final implementation on the Live grid.

If you are concerned about your scripts functioning under Mono before it is
implemented on the Live grid, it is now on the Beta grid. Take ure scripts
over there for testing to ensure compliance and the best part is if it
doesn't work, you might not even need to fix it yourself. Pass the details
onto LL about the problem experienced and they will have more info to make
sure even less scripts go belly up on Live grid implementation. So not only
will you be benefiting yourself testing on Beta grid, but potentially many
other SL residents.

Good luck to all, and I personally cannot WAIT for Mono to be implemented.

Nexus Laguna
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