Multiple timers, one script, or multiple timer scripts?

Taran Rampersad cnd at
Tue Jan 29 08:23:11 PST 2008

Chip McArtor wrote:
> Somebody will probably get mad at me for presenting this ugly hack, but
> you can actually have a second independent timer in the form of a
> repeating sensor event.  I only use it on rare occasions when it would be
> even uglier to share a single timer event between two things (e.g. if I
> needed precise 1.7s and 1.9s timers, llSensorRepeat(... ,1.7) and
> llSetTimerEvent(1.9) are probably lower lag than a single 0.1s timer, and
> easier to set up than 1.7s/0.2s/1.5s/0.4s.... timers).   When I use
> llSensorRepeat as a timer, I set the key filter to llGetKey(), which
> guarantees that 0 objects will be detected and no_sensor runs.  Of course,
> if you're already using the sensor for other things in your script, this
> method probably won't be helpful. =P
Interesting. It would use more server resources, I think, but sometimes 
it might be what is needed in some cases. I'll toss that in my LSL 
toolbox. Thanks.

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