secondlifescripters Digest, Vol 22, Issue 26

Mark Meijer meijer78 at
Mon Jan 21 16:51:16 PST 2008

On 22/01/2008, Jesse Barnett <jessesa at> wrote:
> It would be very nice if LL would look at memory fragmentation and if there
> is a way to reclaim freed memory instead of having to do a script reset.
> Currently llGetFreeMemory only reports the historic low memory mark even if
> several kb may actually be available.

Perhaps with mono, LL could have llGetFreeMemory 'manually' force a
serialize/deserialize cycle, sothat it can continue on a clean slate
as well as report the available memory accurately. This would make no
sense with the current VM because it simply works with 16k images. But
if I understood that video about mono correctly, this is not true for
the mono VM, and furthermore they already need to serialize a script
just to get an approximation of it's current actual size, after which
they simply discard the serialized copy.

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