Using info from Google DB == Violation: Terms of Service: Permissions Exploit?

Jesse Barnett jessesa at
Fri Jan 18 20:08:25 PST 2008

The information available at opens up several
possiblities. My favorite is using it for llKey2Group. is
the page for my profile. The same data that is available to anyone who
clicks on my profile in world, including the picture I have chosen as my
profile pic. One of our more creative scripters has come up with a Random
Profile Picture Projecture. Every 20 seconds it will scan the surrounding
area, pick a avatar key, send in the http request for that key, parse out
the message and display the profile pic as a floating texture. Unfortunately
people playing around with the script have now start recieving
messages like this from some Lindens:

"Violation: Community Standards: Disclosure, Second Life

Violation: Terms of Service: Permissions Exploit

Their explanation:
Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with
regard to their Second Lives. Sharing or posting
conversation in-world or in the Second Life Forums without
consent of all involved Residents is a violation of other
Resident's privacy.

Regarding your profile scanner, reports received of profile photos being
posted in locations without residents permission. These are violations of
Disclosure. Several photos returned depicting residents that
advised they gave no permission for photos to be used."

We have been banging our heads against the wall over in the Scripting Forum
trying to understand how this is a violation when it is information
available to anyone who wants to click on our profiles.

To me it is like someone walking by a Radio Shack in the mall and seeing
yourself on the TV. Or is it because you are physically recieving the
picture through the http request?

Hoping we could get some clarification on this and if there any other
limitations on the DB info we should be aware of?
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