LSL and geometry hierarchy issues

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Subject: LSL and geometry hierarchy issues

> I am back to teaching the basics of Second Life in my class, but
> after looking over the technical documentation, some of the key
> issues I had last year appear not to have been addressed. If any
> of you have thoughts on these issues, please let me know. It
> would be especially good if Linden Labs could comment:
> 1. Lack of hierarchy in geometry and scenes - the "linking"
>     effect in SL is essentially flat - if you want to build a house
>     that has 4 rooms, and in each room there are a number of
>     objects, you cannot create a scene hierarchy (i.e., scene
>     graph) so that when the house is unlinked, the rooms and
>     their contents remain linked. This is a significant deficiency
>     in handling complex objects. One team of students last year
>     created a castle and they had great difficulty in managing it,
>     and especially in linking all of the parts together.
> 2. Lack of hierarchy in LSL data types - there need to be more
>    data types supported (array, record, ...) and it is vital that
>    a recursive capability, perhaps like Lisp's "lists within lists"
>    be implemented.   Otherwise, data management becomes a nightmare and 
> the
>    process of searching becomes onerous.
> 3. Lack of a clear explanation of exactly when and how events
>    are fired, and it what order on a sim. I can try to be more specific
>   about this as I move to lecturing about events in the class, but I
>   recall many issues from last year with students trying to synchronize
>   and correctly order events in cellular automata simulations.
> Some have talked in the past about Mono, but I haven't seen any
> evidence of this happening. What is going on with Mono, and will
> it address the above problems? What is the timetable for its deployment?
> I am cc'ing two lists (SLED and the scripting list) since these issues
> overlap. Not trying to whine about the above -- these issues are
> serious problems that we see with Second Life in a class where
> students build complex geometry with significant scripting. Thanks
> for listening! :)
> -paul
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