research data collection possibilities in SL

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Mon Jan 14 14:30:54 PST 2008

On 14 Jan 2008, at 22:25, Taran Rampersad wrote:

> I did put the GPL Chat logger up on the Wiki ( 
> ) ), and it does request permission from people it listens to before  
> logging their chat. And as far as 'ToS legal', my own concerns on  
> that were pretty well addressed by the Lindens when it came to  
> someone posting transcripts without permission. It may be unethical,  
> but Linden Lab really doesn't enforce or legitimize complaints about  
> it. And yes, I have correspondence from Linden Lab on that. Odd how  
> stuff in the ToS doesn't get enforced but stuff not in the ToS does  
> get enforced. I digress.

As far as I'm aware it works on the basis that recording and posting  
logs is permissible, but one shouldn't do it within SL or using LL  
facilities, so one can be ARed for distributing a notecard with a  
chatlog in it or posting it on the forums, but not for posting it on a  

Not that I've _ever_ heard of a successful AR being done on the basis  
of a chatlog on a notecard. But actually, if the chat data was just  
fed straight out to a third party by an attachment, that wouldn't be  
any more ToS-bad than if the subject sent their automatically- 
generated chat logs out, I theorise, so I shouldn't have said that.

Still wouldn't consider it ethical of course.

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