research data collection possibilities in SL

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Mon Jan 14 13:55:55 PST 2008

Your idea would involve at least two terms of service breaches  
involving the protection of residents. Chat logging, for example, is  
steictly forbidden.
Also, if you'd like a suggestion when making requests for information,  
try to be more precise. When you say that you want to know how much  
time was spent doing an activity, you fail to specify which activities  
you wish to measure. If you want to measure how much time is spent  
building, that's a different matter.

My suggestion would be to talk to Linden Labs.

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On Jan 14, 2008, at 10:25 AM, Ahmer Iqbal <iqbalahmer at>  

> Hi all,
> I am writing a proposal for PhD which is about pedagogical  
> facilitation in MUVEs.In that I need to mention the data and its  
> collection methods.Is there any possibility of collecting data about  
> users and their activities in Second life. There will be atleast  
> 500-600 particpants in this research study thus recording movies is  
> not feasable besides it will take alot of time to analyze the  
> data.Listed below are the kind of data I am interested in:
> Users log-in and log-out time.
> Chat records of users.With whome they chated, what they chated and  
> at what place did they chated.
> How much time was spent at a particular place within an island.
> How much time the user took to complete an activity.
> What much time was spent on interecting with an object.
> There is a custom made solution available for ActiveWorlds for such  
> data collection.It was used by some researchers as well and the data  
> results were satisfying.
> Take care,
> Ahmer Iqbal,
> SL name : Educator Boucher
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