Best LSL Documentation Source:,, other?

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Ask to Catherine Omega.

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  Noticed does not have any information about the llGetObjectDetails() function as documented at and I am wondering how far behind has fallen. I do believe is still the basis of the embedded documentation in (my editor of preference because of its syntax checking and 'runnability').

  I ask because I am willing to add an llGetObjectDetails() page, but really wonder if there needs to be a more methodical approach to making sure all the latest LSL additions, from 1.18 on are covered in, the new touch position stuff comes to mind.

  I have to admit I really love the clean format of the new pages on and am tempted to just use that, but the comments basis make still a clear winner.

  Thoughts? (before I waste a an hour on something that might not be needed)

  Mo Hax


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