Exporting SL objects?

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Tue Nov 13 08:28:03 PST 2007

--- GCI38 <gci38 at aliceadsl.fr> escribió:

> Nobody, except Linden Labs, has access to the real
> content of an item ; the user has only access to
> item reference (UUID)  and name, description, DRM
> ;when you create, edit, delete and use items, they
> are always on the server side

this is not exactly true. You may have heard of
copybot a while ago. And if you didn't, it doesn't

Your client is responsible for rendering all objects
and textures, so at some point the information must be
in the client.

On the other side, if you have mod on the objects you
want to export, then it's all easier, as you can
introduce scripts that use llGetPrimitiveParams() and
the report the info somewhere.

It is absolutely possible to do it.

- X

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