Looking for really cool vehicle follower script

JJ Ventrella Ventrella at LindenLab.com
Thu Mar 29 12:07:52 PDT 2007

I've been working on a feature that allows "animal vehicles" to have 
autonomous locomotion abilities (following, fleeing, wandering, flying, 
etc..). This would be in the deep code, on the same level as the current 
vehicle code, and it would expose about a dozen new script calls 
allowing you to configure the behavior in many ways. By having this work 
on the vehicle code level, it can be much more responsive than anything 
coming from a running script - and it would also automate many of the 
crufty details, leaving the high-level controls where they belong - in LSL.

Dan (cc'd) is interested in improving the sensor scripting code as well 
- this would be a part of the whole scheme.

A complimentary feature to this will be a set of viewer-side rendering 
effects - essentially an animal body part attachment scheme, that 
dresses arbitrary skeletons located on animal-vehicles, with prims which 
are fully parametric and configurable via genetic algorithms. This would 
include effects like leg walking IK, gait effects, lookat-sentience, and 
various periodic appendage-controllers. These effects would be piecemeal 
and entirely optional.

The effects would be similar to my bird ( 
http://www.ventrella.com/Alife/Bird/bird.html ) - whose body you can 
think of as the animal-vehicle. Also, an artificial life simulation I 
made called Gene Pool ( http://www.swimbots.com/ ) shows the genetic 
aspects I want to implement for natural evolution.

Although this would not be released any time soon (for sure), I just 
thought I'd let you know that this is being worked on!

Jeff Barr wrote:

> I am looking for a way to have a series of flying vehicles follow each 
> other around.
> After "locking on" to the vehicle in front, each follower would 
> gradually adjust its position so as to be a certain distance behind 
> the leader. This adjustment would take place over the course of a 
> couple of seconds so as to make the motion smooth and realistic.
> Think of a number of vehicles connected together with rubber bands. 
> Once the system is stable they would all be nicely spaced out behind 
> the leader.
> Has anyone built anything similar?
> Jeff;

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