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Mark Meijer meijer78 at
Sun Jul 29 04:34:09 PDT 2007

On 29/07/07, Anylyn Hax <anylynhax at> wrote:
> Nobody is interested in your opinion, as long as you are interested in
> the personal opinions of Lindenlab Employes.

In my opinion (pun intended), especially on a list like this one, the
thoughts and insights of someone in Kelly's position mean a great deal
more to me than "official" LL talk. There is plenty of official LL
talk around, please, I don't need it to pop up in here as well.

If you're not interested in these kinds of thoughts and insights, then
you're in the wrong place. If you feel like you should make demands or
talk down to others on this list, you are definitely in the wrong
place. If you want LL's official standpoint on something, go post on
the blog or write a letter.

And if you feel you are entitled to making demands based on your
monthly fee, then go ahead and make your demands. Just don't do it on
this list, if you want to be taken seriously at all.

This list is specifically meant for exchanging thoughts and insights
regarding LSL, and exchanging them with someone who actually knows
what he's talking about, is the best thing you could wish for in here.
I think this should be encouraged.

Besides that, there is enough complaining going around, including by
myself. And in my opinion, the worst possible response to that, would
be to refrain from any communication with the community besides
official LL talk. The best thing they can do is be part of the
community, rather than separate from it.

Thanks to Kelly for taking the time to respond on this list. I
sincerely hope that nobody, including LL employees on a personal note,
will contribute any less to this list due to people like Anylyn Hax.


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