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Dzonatas dzonatas at
Sat Jul 28 21:49:32 PDT 2007

Rich Vance wrote:
> Let's get back to the topic at hand. SCRIPTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe the features that are wanted require no sim-server side 
changes and can be done from scripts.

Have a LSL script that allows people to log-in or log-out of a group.

When someone touches the object, they get logged-in.

The script sends a llHttpRequest (or likewise) to a bot-server.

The bot-server logs-in a bot (if not already logged-in) and send the 
invite to the person that just logged-in.

When the person is done, they either remove the group from their list or 
the bot-server automatically logs them out and ejects them from group 
when they aren't in the area they logged-in.

One bot can obviously automate the control of 25 groups this way. (i.e. 
Four bots could automate 100 groups.)

I'm thinking there may be a business opportunity here.

I've been scripting custom lease nodes. (like rental boxes)


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