Inviting an avatar to a group

Doktor Seuss doktor at
Sat Jul 28 20:52:01 PDT 2007

Anylyn Hax <anylynhax at> wrote:


>If you are not paying member dont mix in this discution.
>Have I been clear ?

Wow, someone burned your toast this morning :(

Personally I watch this list because the exchange of ideas has resulted in
several changes either to my opinion or to SL itself.  No one ever said I
had to pay play, I choose to on my main character, choose not to on my alt.

I also choose to spend most of my lindens as my alt not as my main

I choose to listen to *everyone* including the frequent 'burnt toast'
people because I have no idea (and no reason to care) if they have ever
spent a linden or dollar or euro or yen ... open discussion benefits us
*all* regardless of payment status, country of residence, education level,
skin color, expertice, gender, or even if they use their real name or not...

:) I have some really nice strawberry jam I just finished, I would gladly
share, it hides the burnt taste very well.

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