Inviting an avatar to a group (multiple replies)

Eloise Pasteur eloisepasteur at
Sat Jul 28 16:01:11 PDT 2007

I've been watching this debate with some interest, and a feeling of  
"not quite sure"

I'd LOVE more scripted access to various group functions,  
particularly about controlling land etc.

IF, and actually I hope it remains a "no" we end up having scripted  
invitations to groups I sincerely hope it's an active opt-in system  
only - it will only fire in a touch_start() event kind of active opt-in.

A sign which says "If you'd like to join my group, touch me" can't  
really spam me (you can use a sensor to rez them all round me I  
guess, but that would constitute something pretty ARable), you are  
leaving the choice 100% in my hands. Whether you're a landlord, a  
mall owner, even a club owner, you make it relatively easier to offer  
group invitations quickly and reliably.

Given I *already* receive an average of 3 unsought invitations to  
group per week, making a tool that makes it simple for any script- 
baby to spam me with invites is, in my opinion, beyond undesirable,  
into asking for trouble.

A lot of the requests that I've seen for "Oh it would be cool if  
groups could do X" would, it strikes me as Kelly's suggested, be  
better dealt with by more granularity of the land controls. In  
specific they should NOT be group specific to allow people to have a  
number of prims per parcel and/or per sim, they should be tied to the  
parcel. I'd love to be able to have some parcels where I say "On I  
and my partner can build" and others where I say "anyone can build,  
limit of 20 prims" I so don't want to have to drill through the group  
interfaces to set that up, I want to drill into the parcel interface  
thank you. Scripted access to that - something where you pay the rent  
ball, it tells the parcel control list to add your name and a prim  
allowance - is, at least from the outside, similar to things like  
scripted control over access and ban lists, so it strikes me as 1)  
more desirable and 2) less of a strain on the dev team's resources.

Adding functionality with such a lovely potential to be griefed -  
well they had to rewrite the code to turn off push at the parcel  
level because code that had, and has, a lot of legitimate uses was  
being abused, that was about 6 million users ago...


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