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Fri Jul 27 14:50:07 PDT 2007

Number 2 on my list, immediately after controlling building at all, is
controlling how many prims the target avatar can rez. Allowing anyone
that purchases an object one or a few prims would let buyers (and
buyers only) rez and open boxes.

Mall stall renters would be given access to build X prims, and if
their payments expire, the script would set them back to 0 and
autoreturn, if enabled, would clear out the stall.

As I mentioned before, granting someone build permission is a one-time
task for the land owner, but policing prim limits is a constant one.
THAT is where automation is key.

 ~ Tiger Crossing

On 7/27/07, Soft Linden <soft at> wrote:
> I want to thank you all for the input on the group invite function.
> I'd actually been pushing this internally even before this topic came
> up, and from what I can gather it's been a frequent request since way
> before I became a Linden.
> Now, it's true that a lot of the problems with regard to spamming and
> all can be worked around, such as by requiring the inviting object and
> the invitee to be in the same parcel, or by making the invite function
> only work in a touch() event triggered by the invitee. But the bigger
> problem really is central database load: Groups are global and affect
> scalability. On the flip side, per-sim and per-region lists can scale
> indefinitely. So long as the local lists can be controlled by scripts,
> it should also be trivial for scripters to create their own
> cross-parcel and cross-region synchronization if they really need it.
> I could use some new input on what exactly you'd like local lists to
> control. The primary function I'm concerned with is restricting
> building to these lists, so that resident-run sandboxes can filter who
> builds there, and so store vendors can grant short-term building
> ability in order to let residents drop and open product boxes.
> Are there other features you'd want to use the lists to control?
> What functions would you want supported for controlling the lists --
> would you be happy with a set of functions for region and parcel lists
> that mirror the current ban and access lists?
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