Sending an email to a prim from a web page

peter at peter at
Thu Jul 19 06:26:42 PDT 2007

I am unsuccessfully trying to send a message to a prim from a web page.
Can it be done? If so what am I doing wrong?

The query line of the URL carries the prim's key.

On the web page, using a submit button and a  php script to send an email
to a prim:

$objKey=$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; //prim's key
$sendto=$objKey +"";
$emailsubject="The information.";
if ($submit) {
 mail("$sendto", "$emailsubject");

In the prim, using a script to read email:

llGetNextEmail("", ""); // check for email with any subject/sender

email(string time, string address, string subj, string message, integer
llSay(0,"Received an email - " + subj);

It doesn't work for me. Grateful for any help or suggestions

Peter Small

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