Where are scripts processed?

Ordinal Malaprop ordinal.malaprop at fastmail.fm
Wed Jul 11 03:22:13 PDT 2007

LSL (scripting) is processed by the SL servers, though there are some
functions which _trigger_ persistent client events e.g. particle systems
and llTargetOmega.

The only current way HTML intrude into SL is through the F1 help browser
and web tabs in profiles, and this just uses an embedded Mozilla
browser, and the usual rules apply there - JS/HTML processed by client,
PHP server-side and so on. The SL servers don't do anything there, they
just pass data straight through. As far as I am aware.

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 06:14:02 -0400 (EDT),
peter at stigmergicsystems.com said:
> I'm trying to get my head round the way various scripts are processed.
> in second life and in calls to the Web.
> I presume javascript and html is processed by the users CPU but where
> are the Linden scripts processed? Is it on the users CPU or the Prims
> CPU? Also where is php processed?
> Grateful for any enightenment on this
> Peter Small (SL: Eliver Rang) http://www.stigmergicsystems.com
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